• Wallaby Porridge
  • Sub-brand Creation
  • Photography
  • Roll-out

Bounce into your morning.

Challenge: Wallaby Foods has leveraged its unique combination of Byron Bay sunny optimism, innovative products and premium natural ingredients to establish itself as a wholesome snack brand. This created a perfect platform to extend into other categories, bringing the goodness of Byron Bay superfoods to the breakfast table through development of an oat-free porridge, the first of its kind in Australia.

Solution: Wallaby’s product is full of wholesome, tasty ingredients including almond meal and coconut. Meaning it’s a delicious gluten-free alternative to porridge.

This gave us license to maximise the taste appeal of our packaging design, heroing the ingredients through beautiful food photography and cameos. A vibrant natural colour palette is lifted by the signature Wallaby illustration style. The brand hierarchy focuses on the unique benefit of the product (oat-free) to allow ease of location for consumers.

A distinctive pack that stands out in the sea of mass produced cereals, carving out a new product category by a beloved Australian brand.

  • Jumbles & Forager
  • Brand Creation
  • Packaging Design
  • Roll-out

For the young and young at heart.

Challenge: Boring old trail mix is a thing of the past. Wallaby’s snacks harmoniously blend unexpected, yet delicious flavours with whole pieces of dried fruit and roasted nuts. And the results are spectacular. B! Brand was tasked with the brand creation of 2 new product ranges for adults and kids.

Solution: The ultimate in sophisticated snacking, Wallaby Forager heroes its unique ingredients, like honey-glazed sesame roast almonds, on the front of pack. Bright pops of colour in the brandmark promise flavour, whilst the purity of the offer is reflected in the simplicity of the design and the clean white background. In contrast, the strong colours of Jumbles bring energy to a range that’s aimed squarely at mums buying for kids, with quirky type and illustrated discover-ables.

B! Brand’s engaging packaging reflects the ranges’ health and taste credentials, so savvy consumers can rest assured the products will nurture more than just their tastebuds.