• British Paints
  • Brand creation
  • Point of sale

Redesigning an icon.

Challenge: British Paints is an iconic paint brand with a rich history that is well known to older consumers but less so to a younger audience of novice painters. At a store level, there was little to pull apart the various brands, adding to the confusion for new entrants into the category. To address this B! Brand was briefed on re-positioning the British Paints brand and packaging.

Solution: B! Brand freed up the British Paints brandmark from the masthead enlarging the ‘BP’ icon creating a strong, impactful masterbrand that sits proudly at the top of the can. Taking advantage of the large pack canvas we captured imagery that was aspirational yet accessible.

  • British Paints
  • Brand design
  • Brand creation
  • Point of sale

Prime positioning.

Challenge: British Paints Paint & Prime is makes painting easier by combining an Undercoat & Topcoat in 1 saving you time with one less coat and requiring less clean up. The brief required Paint & Prime to be differentiated from British Paints core product Clean & Protect and to increase shelf stand out. To address this B! Brand was briefed on redesigning the brand and packaging.

Solution: B! Brand Increased the prominence of the Paint & Prime sub-brand which improved shelf standout as well and highlighting the key consumer benefits.
To further differentiate Paint & Prime from British Paints Clean & Protect the brandmark was reversed out of a dark blue creating a striking and impactful masterbrand. This was supported by a bold expressive paint brush effect and a silver metallic to help elevate Paint & Prime from its competitors. Consumer friendly claims were developed as icons for quick and easy navigation, the Timesaver icon proudly supports these.

  • Weather Shield
  • Brand and packaging architecture
  • Brand refresh
  • Roll out

Paint the future.

Challenge: Dulux Weathershield is the market-leading exterior paint in Australia and NZ, with an enviable reputation for exceptional quality and its ‘longest lasting’ proposition. However its leadership position had become threatened – and Weathershield itself had multiple claims reducing the clarity of its offer.
With a new formula we were tasked with relaunching and repositioning the range to exceed consumer expectations, and elevate Weathershield back to its rightful position.
As part of the packaging architecture and redesign, we also reimagined Dulux Weathershield ColourGuard: a premium paint available in select dark colours, formulated for superior fade resistance.

Solution: We evolved Weathershield’s equities to retain loyalists while projecting all new energy. Reimagining the yellow arc, we created a protective dome to ‘shield’ the iconic house from Australia’s harsh sun. Sitting proudly under the Dulux mastehead, the Weathershield sub-brand was given a bold new look in uppercase, reinforcing the product’s leadership and protective qualities.
For Colourguard, we introduced a silver metallic finish to increase premium cues and help bring its heavy-duty reflective pigment proposition to life. The packaging was further enhanced by photography of a contemporary Australian home. And both ranges are anchored in the brand’s heritage – with the iconic Dulux dog sitting proudly.
With stronger exterior visual cues that nod to superiority and efficacy, Weathershield is here to outlast the competition.

  • Dulux
  • Brand architecture
  • Photography
  • Range roll out

Leader of the pack.

Challenge: Dulux Wash&Wear is Australia’s best selling interior paint. And for good reason. Its superior Barrier Technology delivers a hard wearing finish that lasts and lasts. Never resting on their laurels, or allowing competitors to bridge the gap, Dulux have reformulated to make W&W even better. To alert consumers to the change, B! Brand refreshed the extensive range of around 100 SKUs.

Solution: The W&W range redefines how a market leader should look – bold and confident. Simple, strong design elements define the range: robust brand lozenge, clear and concise claims area, aspirational lifestyle imagery, and a smooth as silk texture to
reflect the product‘s premium finish.
Dulux Wash&Wear packaging strikes the perfect balance of ‘rational and emotional’, and delivers this with the confidence of Australia’s leading paint brand.