• Big M
  • Beverage packaging
  • Consumer packaging
  • Limited editions

No limits on flavour.

Challenge: Limited Edition packs serve multiple purposes. For consumers, they’re fun and exciting. They provide loyalists with new flavours to try (often while still purchasing core flavours), they give light users a reason to buy back into the brand, and they entice completely new customers too.
From a brand perspective, they provide an opportunity to embrace the brand essence and make a refreshing new impact at point of purchase. Which is exactly what
we were tasked with.

Solution: To boost both consumer and brand engagement, we created a Limited Edition pack that promotes both the characteristics of the flavour and delivers it in the tone of the Big M brand.
Most importantly, we saw an opportunity to move beyond the current brand footprint and break some rules to get noticed – creating a fun and exciting offering due to its limited nature.
It’s all part of the reason Big M just keeps getting bigger.

  • Zooper Dooper
  • New category launch
  • Packaging design
  • Beverage design

Rainbow in a milk carton.

Challenge: Rainbow milk? Sounds like any kid’s dream – or in fact, our dream job. Our brief was to take the insanely popular Zooper Dooper brand and recreate it in a totally new world, with a wildy tasty new offering: Flavoured Milk.
We had to harness the brand’s fun, vibrant, summer vibes and explode them into a summery new milk beverage, taking the distinctive brand assets, refreshment cues and famous flavours along for the ride.summery milk beverage.

Solution: Ours was a truly brand-led approach, and one that didn’t shy away from being disruptive on-shelf. Angled to create a billboard effect, the dynamic and colourful Zooper Dooper brandmark was instrumental in taking charge and grabbing a customer’s attention. The sense of movement from the splash visuals was also designed to reflect the frenetic packs and create familiarity.
Underpinned with the individual flavour cameos of bubble gum, raspberry and pineapple, it all comes together to create a rich summer tone that jumps off the shelf.
Best of all, the product is jumping off shelves too. With more Limited Edition flavours on the way!

  • Masters
  • Brand design
  • Brand creation
  • Point of sale

Masters of the west.

Challenge: Since 1956 Masters Milk has been very much loved and revered by Western Australians. But competing in an ever-changing category there’s no time to stand still. B! was briefed to bring enhanced appetite appeal and inject some fun, energy and vibrancy into Masters Flavoured milk.

Solution: Personality was injected on pack while retaining the iconic ‘M’, the key asset that anchors the brand. Rivers of chocolate, strawberry, mocha and so on were created to enhance appetite appeal and convey milky goodness.
Harnessing the opportunity to feature the full family of the iconic Masters Cows,these characters were brought to life through new poses and expressions – creating depth and layered storytelling to the Masters range.
A cow-laboration of the brand assets – with fun and energy – ensures this icon is around for another fifty years.