• Chips More!
  • Subrange Creation
  • Packaging Design

ChipsMore! OatsMore!

Challenge: Chipsmore!, an incredibly popular Cookie range that sells into Malaysia and Indonesia. B! Brand was tasked to create a new OAT cookie sub-brand platform – harnessing the strong and distinctive masterbrand, building on product generosityand communicating the inherent healthy goodness of Oats.

Working with such a complex range – with multiple variants and formats – and multiple messaging. B! Brand’s challenge was balancing the fun and generosity of chocolate chip cookie while promoting the health and goodness of Oats.

Solution: To block and differentiate from core, B! Brand employed an overall white packas it conveys health and allows a strong canvas for projecting variants, key messaging, imagery and bright colours for which the range is renowned for.

Creating harmony on pack, we mirrored the masterbrand shape with a delicious oat cookie that heroed the choc chip and oaty goodness. Photo-real illustrations dialled up appetite appeal.

And bringing it all together we created a perished ‘Oats’ typographic style that talks to the natural earthy goodness of Oats. Fun and generosity of chocolate bits and real oats flying around completes the picture.